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What do we expect from a Brand?  Consistency, Ideology, an image which you immediately recall and what impression it is leaving behind in your mind for some time. 

Political leaders forge their own personal brands. The political climate has changed, and the importance of how the leaders of each party define their brands to the greater public has risen. In a global marketplace - where information is plentiful and rarely monitored - it has become more important for brands of all kinds, including those in politics to continually articulate strong, passionate brand images for themselves, through each and every touch point with their publics.


One of the cardinal rules of branding is that brand must stand for a concrete idea- like Moov stands for back pain relief; Pepsi stands for the young, Head and Shoulders for dandruff.  What does Brand Arvind Kejriwal stands for? Not many of us have a clear idea. In the absence of clarity of what he stands for, it is very unfavorable situation for him as people do not buy brands which either stand for many things or do not stand for anything. Confusion is antithesis of branding.