Brands are created and for establishing any brand the primary thing which is required is the content quality. If it’s a product then quality, if it’s a service, the experience matters, if it’s a corporate, their corporate governance and ethical practices speaks but when it comes to a leader; many facets play a vital role simultaneously such as leadership quality, communication skills, personality, content and most importantlty the vision. Our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi without any doubt can be considered as the most sought after political brand in the world today. A brand with passion, emotion, vision and leadership which has changed the way politics and governance is practiced in this country and across the world.


Narendra Modi is considered as the greatest Chief Minister of Gujarat till 2014 and now being as a Prime Minister of India, he has undeniably created a niche for himself where none of the other former Indian Prime Ministers have ever been considered including Jawaharlal Nehruand Indira Gandhi. Without any doubt, the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru enjoyed the confidence of the people and Indira Gandhi too have enjoyed a certain degree of loyalty and larger than life image; but what makes Modi different from both these leaders is present day India, which is different and appreciative in several aspects. Overall, the life index of Indians in every phase of life has changed.  Today’s India is a global leader, one of the largest economies, an emerging super power in all aspects, Modi is governing 1.3 billion people which comprises one of the largest aspiring middle class with over 60% of the population which is below 35 years of age. Mostly Modi’s India is well aware of all the things and educated as compared to the India of Nehru and Indira.  Today’s governments are under scrutiny of 24 hrs. television and minute by minute social media activities. 


Narendra Modi - A Different Genre of Politician


In Delhi, once the powerful opinion makers of luteyns Delhi, now says ‘Modi is unpredictable’. Yes, indeed, Modi is unpredictable, if you closely watch 5 remarkable years of Modi as a Prime Minister then you will understand that every decision he has taken are with surprises and shaken all the political pundits including his own party men and needless to say the media and the weakest opposition in the history of India. Demonitization, GST, Swatch Bharat, Surgical Strike, Balakot Air Strike, abrogation of Article 370, reducing the Corporte Tax to Howdy Modi, it’s all about surprises and setting the agenda and the discources in the country.  He is strong, his decisions are firm and decisive, powerful one in the party and most significantly, people trust him. Furthermore, his opponents are confused and weak, plus he communicates with the country every day and visible 24x7. He has created new kind of politics in India and set new rules of leadership and governance in the country. You may like him or not but for sure you can’t ignore him even for a single day. 


Howdy Modi -  A Global Sweep


It’s a hard truth that the Indian economy is going through a slow down with several badly affected sectors such as Real Estate and Auto segment. To a certain extent, it’s also true that increasing unemployment is a real concern for the government and the country as a whole. But, hardly any major noise about these issues is heard whereas Modi, now, a global icon is rising step by step to newer heights. The latest is the Howdy Modi in Texas, USA. The Prime Minister of India gracing a show of this size in the most powerful country of the planet with more than 50000 Indian Americans, cheering for him with American President Donald Trump, watching him for an hour listening and applauding for his speech is unprecedented, not only in Indian politics but also in the world political arena.  The world was glued to the Televsion to watch the mega show where the hero was none other than the Prime Minister Modi and the most powerful man on the planet earth was just playing the role of second.  The courage to criticise Pakistan in the strongest word possible infront of Trump makes Modi different for every one. The bonhomie between the Prime Minister and the President was worth watching for every proud Indian. When Modi holded the hand of Trump and lead him tread across the stadium to greet the crowd, a history was created for India and Indian politics. Modi has done similar shows in the past also in many countries like UK, UAE, Australia and several other countries to name. Howdy Modi created a new poitical and diplomatic wave with Pakistan, China and other nations to mention in puzzle. Narendra Modi has not only created a new rule book for political marketing but even for international diplomacy.  Abbrogation of Artcile 370 clearly have shown India’s diplomatic supremacy in every possible way with almost every member of UN standing by India and not even one muslim country taking side of Pakistan.


The New India has arrived with Modi as the Captain…


While the Modi brand is growing day by day, the real beneficiary of his charismatic growth is for Brand India and every aspiring Indian.  Indian’s are heard and respected today like never before.  A new India is getting created with glory. Indians are now considered as one of the most aspirational societies with large consumer size.  With Modi as the Captain, the new India is unstoppable and creating waves all across all the time.

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