The Election Game – 2019 -  Who will win the race?

General elections in India are the single most nationally celebrated festival in the Indian democracy, synonymously recognised as the largest democratic exercise in world history. With less than a year left for the upcoming 2019 election festival, all hearts are excitedly pumping to witness the very unpredictable nature of our elections. Political parties have majorly begun prepping up for the big day. Preparation is in the dynamics of power, existence, identity…  Like the very nature of elections, the playground in itself is a nervous sequence of the election market. The question of who will stand as the winner in this political rat race can be cleared solely on the result day. Let’s just take a backseat for now and witness the various spectrums the show has to offer…

If the election 2014 was fought at the background of the anti-corruption movement across the country against the corrupt UPA-2 government v/s the Gujarat chief minister Modi, the 2019 election will be fought between the weak congress or the divided opposition (trying really hard to come together) and the powerful global figure Modi. Does this somehow give you a definite one-sided cakewalk? I have my doubts as the only thing which can’t be as much of a cakewalk, and stands as the most indefinite is the election result. Janta Janardhan still calls the final shot. Since I am not a political pandit to predict the election, we can rather have a look at the marketing perspective on the preparations done by the major players for this grand election festival.

Gone are those days where only a single agenda rules the campaign or how Bijli, Sadak, Paani set an upperhand on the game; elections in India are now the most crucial dynamic marketing activity involved as anywhere else in the world. You have been a witness of innumerous discussions, debated over and over every passing day with a new topic and at times, such topics changing every passing hour. Those who score a maximum in these games hold significance over their presence and relevance. You can’t be wrong at all.

Ideological battles a story of the past… Power politics in…

Today’s politics have very little ideological back up for most of the parties except a few which is diluted with enough water. It’s the politics for power which rules the game, the election -2019 will definitely not be fought ideologically by any one, it will be purely a game to win over each other to attain the higher power. You will witness a lot of cross overs without any specific reasons both by parties and leaders who, once upon a time, used to boost on their ideological background, of what they stood for. The present game is power oriented, the power to rule. Election 2019 is definitely going to surpass all the previous elections in the pursuit of achieving paramount power.

Social Media – the new election background

Days after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, our new elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi was famously quoted as “India’s first social media prime minister.’’Four years back, there was a huge uproar in the lines of voicing opinion mostly amongst the younger crowd. Since the date of announcement of elections to the conclusion of polling, nearly around 29 million people were engaged in 227 million interactions regarding elections on Facebook. The Indian political environment suddenly was the most buzzed topic in platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in. Almost half of all such people spoke about the BJP’s then prime ministerial candidate in their interactions.But that was more than four years ago.

Let’s focus on the now. Currently, we are headed for a first-of-its-kind election with digital footprint achieving an even more critical mass in the country. The question lies in whether we are going to witness an action replay of 2014 or will it be a different ballgame altogether? Imagine a world with new media shaping almost all the discussions of the day, creating brands and personalities overnight. Also, imagine the same speed making them null and void in seconds. Yes, let’s get set for the new battleground of elections!

The election year 2014 and 2019 prophecy

It is not completely wrong to contend that the current political scenario must be de-hyphenated from the parliamentary polls. When people vote for a prime minister in today’s elections, there is a major change in their approach. Although PM Modi, in that scenario, remains well ahead of other aspirants, and with the chances that he and his party will still rule over, this line of reasoning underscores acceptance of a fundamental alteration between the scenarios in 2014 and now. He was ‘the alternative’ then. For the coming 2019, the ball may invariably lie on someone else’s court.

Will Young Voters hold the significant light in the 2019 Elections?

“January 1, 2018 will not be an ordinary day – those born in this century will start turning 18. They are bhagya vidhatas of our nation,” said Modi on one of his speech. Considering that our country’s majority population consists of the younger generation and is youth centric, a little over 15% of the total population of voters in the country are first-time voters and they clearly seem to be holding the keys to the making and breaking of political parties’ electoral destinies. However, to take advantage of this privileged position, the youth need to show up and vote.

Will the Modi magic fade by 2019 elections? 

From standing as the Chief Minister of Gujarat till his humble beginnings when he attained the powerful Prime Minister’s seat, the hallmark of Modi’s campaigns has been favourable in presenting an overarching political idea. The outcome of 2019 election would be solely determined by the success or failure in deflecting attention from ‘achievements’ or ‘failures’ of the present ruling, and whether a similar wave can be recreated. This time a grander thought, big enough to reaffirm people’s imagination is the need of the moment.

Concluding thoughts

Less than year to go, there is no cakewalk for anybody. Next year will see a one-of-a-kind, never before witnessed political contest. What goes to see now is how Modi’s promise to usher in acche din (good times) or a united opposition (still in making) will get the passing mark.  With the current outlook its still the modi wave, even if has comedown a bit.



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