Politics is the most dynamic activity in a democracy and for the last 7 decades we have experienced almost every aspect of it in our country.  National parties to regional parties everyone had their own role in making our political discourses very dynamic.   But when it comes to Economy, all the political parties have been conservative in their outlook and approach so far.  Many gives credit to Dr. Manmohan Singh for liberalizing the indian economy in the 90’s, and many also say that it had nothing to do with a political decision to change the course, it is still widely considered as a reaction of the global economical change of that time which we were forced to follow than a planned action.

But what happened on November 8th with the Economical surgical strike by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi withdrawing the 86% of the total currency circulation in the market is not just an Economic decision.  It is purely a political decision with limited economics in it.  While everyone from politicians to economics, businessmen to common man is discussing about its benefits and fallouts, the real benefit of this decision to our economy is still at large for us to understand or to benefit from. But the political benefit is very big for Modi and his government.  Great leaders across the world have one thing in common, they take their decisions by their conscious than simply following the trend, and our Prime Minister Modi has been a trendsetter throughout.  Anyone who follows his political decision as the PM will be able to understand the politics of demonetization.  It is a well known fact that the UPA –II is considered as one of the most corrupt government of the independent India and Modi came to power with primarily talking about a corruption free country and also with a commitment of getting the black money back.    While many initiatives have taken by his government to get the black money back from abroad with minimal success, the questions were on rise about the commitment through which he came to power.  With this path breaking demonetization decision Modi have virtually once again reiterated his position of the sole proprietor of Anti-Corruption movement in this country.  It is important to note that even the politicians like Kejriwal & Mamta Banerjee have suddenly gone bankrupt with nothing to offer as Modi has simply become the hero of anti-corruption movement not by rhetoric but by his actions.  The common man have stood for hours to get their own money from the bank without having much complaint as they all still have their faith in the movement along with complete faith in Modi for his pro-people action, at least he make sure people believe it that way.    With this masterstroke decision he has once again confused the highly confused opposition, forget about reactions the principle opposition party Congress is not even able to respond to Modi’s one after another strikes.   With this move he has not only just confused the opposition, in fact his opponents have to even support the move like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik publicly supporting the move.

Modi way of governance is not a silent working or making silent reforms; it is highly dynamic and he speaks the same louder and louder and make sure that people are aware about it.   Most of us have never even heard of most of the government programs in the past, but with great level of communication all his schemes are more popular than the scheme in itself, whether it is Make in India, Digital India, Start up India or Clean India each campaigns made sure they are the topic of discussion and political discourse and Modi made it sure he launch one after another surgical strikes which our opposition is hardly able to follow. Demonetization is the most powerful strike he has done in this series and may be the toughest decision he may have taken in his career so far.  With this decision he once again reiterated his political supremacy not only to just his opponents and opposition but within his own cadres.

Decision of Demonetization have definitely impacted each individual, some less or some more…  some are concerned, some are bearing the pain or ready to bear it for the benefit of the country, but to take such a tough decision Prime Minster Modi have actually taken the route of consciousness rather than taking the consultative one.  It is political decisions taken by a decisive political leader, who have not only took the decision but also have shown his commitment to own up the responsibility which is very new to our political culture.  Yes, it is true that we have started experiencing a new kind of politics and new political leadership in India.  A leadership of consistency, firmness, commitment and most importantly nationalistic thought process, which was never ever been witnessed before on this scale.  It is true, it will take some time for us Indians to come in terms with the Modi style of governance and leadership, but he is truly making it sure we follow him everyday.

It is important for country like India to take tough measures and decisions to progress and develop this nation to a global power and create more and more employment, but it is even more important that we have a leader who can take these tough decisions and stand by them for the sake of the country’s growth.  Good or bad one thing is sure ‘we experience governance now every day’.

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