While the pollution in Delhi is getting better now.  The credit can be given it to the climate, including wind or even to the Odd Even car policy.  But, what worries me is the Political pollution, which looks like it has been manufactured. Politics without activism and activities, allegations and self praises are difficult to digest.  So some amount of all the said are within the permissible limit of Political pollution. 

But when it goes out of control, it requires some amount of self-made measure or people pressure to control it. It is very important that the political parties and leaders should understand the threshold of patience, of the citizens of Delhi has, especially those who have voted them into power.           

So much political pollution has happened in Delhi, over the last 6 months or ever since the God’s own new political party AAP came into power. While my initial understanding about AAP was that, it was a party of professionals who are committed to the cause of people and have only one mission, i.e. to serve the people of Delhi.

Their leader’s speech also indicated that he is not a political leader, but the messiah of poor and downtrodden in Delhi. He executed such stunts that made us believe that belongs to the same middle and lower middle class category struggling in Delhi day in and day out and will be able to relate to their concerns and aspirations better than anyone.

I am also surprised at the fact that this so called professional Political party and its professionals failed to understand the pulse of Delhiites….And, all this so called ‘professional party’ is interested in, is creating  chaos, confronting others, and crafting topics which either have no base or are just not important.

Now let’s look at how the politics have changed over the last 2 years…  Ever since AAP was formed…  the very body language of the party has been all about confrontation… its difficult to hear positive things from them.  They find politics in everything, a complete extreme leftist approach.  Is it really wrong?  I don’t think so,  as every brand or a political party can have its own ideology and brand image creation exercises.  The problem starts when you say something and start doing something else.  When you overdo things which you have objected to in opposition,  it definitely sends a different message.  As I said one would never have a problem in advertising yourself and creating an image… but the problem starts once you only start promoting yourself.

Now just look at the Odd-Even car policy, while everyone including opposition parties have appreciated the concept and the need for a knee jerk action one feeling everyone had in common ‘its simply purity of intention’.  Radio, TV, online, news papers everywhere advertisements were flooding… switch on the radio,  channels after channel multiple leaders of AAP including the chief minister is appealing to the people,  while as the CEO of an advertising agency I would say, it is important to disseminate information to the target group, but in the mean time it becomes a irritating when you promote yourself more than the cause.   The muffler man in a Television advertisement was the heights of self-infatuation brand killing.  The CM even forgot that this year in Delhi there was hardly any chill, but his advertisement clearly shows as if he is in Manali or Kufri.   This is the real pollution... this political pollution must end.  It is important to communicate but more than that is important to feel the change in the ground. 

The people of Delhi are smart enough to differentiate the dramas and pro-people actions.  My request to the government in Delhi is that Please Govern…. We chose you for that….  You have ample years left to do the politics and confrontation… we really want to feel difference of your governance… otherwise, that time will not be too far, when the people of Delhi will say… that we made a mistake… let’s make Delhi Political Pollution free…. We might as well still bear the other pollution!

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