The Independent India’s politics and politicians were nationalists and the nation was the utmost priority before anything for them.  They put the nation and the people first- they had a clear ideology which they truly believed in, these ideologies were truly the driving force for each one of them.

Late sixties and seventies brought some amount of political change in this country with socialist movement, and influential pockets for communists.  While the political background started changing, the focus still remained people and ideology centric politics. With the advent of 21st century, the country’s political class started changing and with the onset of technology laden era of Internet, Mobile Phone and most importantly Social media not only changed the way we live and communicate but also changed the the very politics of this country.

Today,communicating once in a while through the party mouth pieces and routine press conferences or a press release is passé . This is an era of 24 hour media monitoring, but to my utter dismay, our politicians have actually started misusing the power of technology and communication to the hilt.


What drives today’s politician? 

Is it Ideology? If so, Do any of your MLA’s, Councillors know about the basic principles of their party?  On what ideology the party has formed? Do they believe in them?  If so, do they practice them partially if not fully?  While these questions will definitely spring surprises,there is one thing for sure- There is hardly any ideology left in most of the politicians. For our new aged politician is all about Power and Power Politics… 

The color of the Flag hardly matters as far as you are given a ticket to contest, one will strongly stand by the party till the time he enjoys the power. For the parties too, it hardly matters who is coming and joining you, gone are the days, to become a party member one needs to have a certain amount of character towards the ideology of the party 

The new politician is educated, understands the reality of our educated middle class and their aspirations to an extent. Having said that, my worry remains-Is politics only about power or even development? In that case we really don’t require too many political parties in this country, infact we don’t require politics at all!

I lament at the tendency of the politicians who go different directions, particularly during pre-poll season in search of a ticket to contest election. When they fail to get ticket from their party, they look for other parties where a ticket is guaranteed. This refers to the turncoat culture, an integral part of the electoral politics, is getting stronger.

For this `one ticket goal' not only the young politicians, but even old and seasoned ones keep changing sides without a blink.

There are no knockouts in Indian politics.  No matter how hard you have been hit, you can always bounce straight off the ropes and back into the ring.

Undoubtedly the “Aya rams and Gaya rams” from the political tribe are in the limelight in the Delhi Elections for their quest for greener pastures for survival and thus triggering off an exodus from one party to another. As a matter of fact it has brought open the political debauchery as leaders unabashedly joined the very parties against which they had earlier spewed venom and launched a vitriolic attack.


Politics is as old as civilization and the most vital characteristic of human activity .But over the period of time lack of collective participation in political activity because of widespread corruption, nepotism and political exploitation whole political system has tarnished, encouraging inferior lot of political opportunists and turncoats to creep around.


The question, as to why are elections the most perfect times for them to switch loyalties, hangs in the minds of the tired janta. Is opportunism and not loyalty or principles, the only driving force for these guys?

Interestingly, all of them claimed that they were feeling suffocated in their previous parties, that was why they were joining new parties as the ideology of the new party was much better than that of their previous party.


This time round change of political heart  has plagued the most prominent and high profile constituency—DELHI a battleground for three bigwigs-BJP,Congress and AAP.With the downfall of AAP and BJP at the centre, the floodgate has opened and political turncoats are on prowl. Almost every day all sort of mainstream AAP political leaders like Binny,Shazia Ilmi  have had changed of heart .Every political party, irrespective of their political ideology blatantly encourages this shameful process of shifting loyalties. No political outfit in this politically sensitive state can claim of being a holy cow as every party resort to both overt and covert maneuvering to encourage defection and make addition to their ranks. 


We need more vehicles like RSS to become an example setter in this age of Parachute Politics. RSS began as a vehicle of the solidified ideology of Hindutva with a goal to establish Hindu Rashtra in India. For achieving its goals, it preferred to train its recruits on ideological grounds  and kept the process at bay from the national politics. It never shifted its center of gravity and polity due to political influences.

Political parties plagued with hereditary/dynastic politics are worst hit with defection and influence of turncoats as they have people lade with ego and narcissism.

Its high time for our politicians to stop flirting with everybody and participate in active politics wholeheartedly to bring positive change for the best or else their halfhearted political misadventure may give way to inferiors who will rule the majority with deceit and mistrust.

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