Ever since the national election and the new government at the centre have come, I have been keenly looking at the politics and political activities in kerala.  Many reason for me to look at Kerala as it has always been different from the national political scenario, the political outlook of keralites are different with strong ideological alignment and ofcourse a native of kerala it remains an integral part of my thought process…

I may be a bit crude when I say that ‘kerala has one of the most cast based, religion based political system’.   It may sound a bit of surprise to my friends outside the state, as Gods Own County for every one is one of the most advanced state with high literacy with a great Tourist state in the country.   While its still have its own advantageous things as compared to any other states in India,  look at its political divide;  it may be the only state where Influential Muslim and Christians of the states are aligned to political parties which primarily the voice of them.  Whether its IUML (Indian Union Muslim League) or the Kerala Congress (M) (now a combined version many small Kerala Congress parties).  I may sound awfully wrong that Muslims and Christians of the state are only aligned to the above parties,  I must agree to the fact both liberal muslims and Christians are also a part of other mainstream political parties in the state.  But I can certainly be sure with the fact that it may be difficult for you to find Non-Muslims in Muslim League so as Non-Christians in Kerala Congress.

It may be difficult for us to remember a consecutive  government in Kerala for a long time,  whereas most of the other Indian states from the last 2 decades have been re-electing performing governments year after year.  Unfortunately this has not been the case in Kerala,  It remained once LDF (Left democratic front which is lead by CPIM with almost 10+ small political parties) & UDF (United Democratic Front lead by Indian National Congress and 10+  small political parties) having power for 5 years in rotation.  Has  it really these arrangement helped the state?   While both LDF and UDF has focused  on minority appeasement policies a large number of Hindus have become economically minorities in the state.   While the Hindus have traditionally aligned (especially the Ezhavas a prominent OBC community in the state) to the CPIM which has never worked in the interest of the community.   Even though  politically very active  BJP couldn’t do much electorally in the state.

After the last general election, many state have also gone to the kitty of BJP with  major states like Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Jharkhand can Kerala can be politically isolated from the rest of the country.  Can it continue to play the same old politics of religion, cast  based rather than the Developmental politics which the BJP and the Prime Minister is offering?   If at all, it continue to go with its age old same political alignment, will it help the state and its people?  Despite continuously ruling one after another could LDF & UDF governments could do justice to people of the state?  At least not in the case of the Hindus of the state.

The Hindus of the state is fast becoming a minority and they are already economically minor and already politically marginalized.  With most of the primary and higher educational institutions belongs to the so called minority communities (minorities run 3340 schools in the state, the entire Hindu jatis are in possession of just 194 schools. Muslim and Christian communities manage 223 arts and science colleges whereas all Hindu jatis together manage only 42 colleges (vide ‘Matrubhumi’ daily, September 28, 2002). Out of the 433 professional colleges, only 86 are government-owned, 89 are Hindu-managed while 258 are managed by the minorities (G.K. Suresh Babu, ‘Kesari Annual, 2004).  It is high time both LDF & UDF must stop minority appeasement vote bank politics  and realize the reality of the social imbalance created by them with their appeasement politics.  Not only the social imbalance but the states economy majorly depend on the foreign remittance by NRK’s with almost one youth from every family in kerala works outside the state. Having an excellent terrain for almost every kind of agriculture, it still remains as a state with negative agricultural growth and completely depend on other states for both horti and agro products. Despite having a large number of highly trained and skilled pravasis, the successive governments neither could do anything for their welfare or to use them in the mainstream.

It is high time God’s Own Country understand the national mood and change which is essential for not only for its economy but also for the under privileged Hindus.


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