I wonder at times, if this is progressive or regressive. I ponder over the basic ethos of polity. I ponder sitting by the religion-smeared turbulent waters, saddened by the treacherous whirls enough to flip the raft of a balanced secular society. The current series of avalanches eating into the prime time of news channels seem to be carefully pre-meditated to the extent of surgical precision. All around us it’s just the Beef Steak and the Literary bourgeois on a mad dash to return their Awards, that once they were dying to be bestowed upon with.

“Letey hi kyun ho, jab sambhal hi nahi sakte”?And to top it we have some eminent literati who feel prized to visit India their motherland once in a decade and air their views on National Television supporting the nincompoops. The current topic of beef controversy and the Award Wapasy definitely seem to be motivated from a particular segment of society. 

Now let’s flare up our burners on the Beef controversy! 
Whatever happened in UP or in isolation in some part of our country is truly condemnable and heinous.  However the way these incidents were reported and glorified by our very own 24x7 media was equally felonious. Free Media and Voice of the Nation doesn’t mean flaring up miniscule incidents to the point of abrasion. Media has a responsible role to play in maintaining the balance, in a society and not be a catalyst to create hysteric repercussions and trigger-off knee-jerk reactions. To add to it, the hyenas amongst the opposition were quick to lug at the maggot infested carcasses thrown around by the media, leaving no stone unturned to regain and re-establish their recently lost ground.

All said and done, our society is up to the brim with a certain segment of people who do not see greatness in anything. A typical Leftist Approach. Be it in their surroundings, their life or the country.

Points of view are to be respected and do not need to be same. The value of a coin lies in the fact that it has two sides; the river has its meaning, as it has two banks. For any progressive society and country, there should exist various points of view and the one’s on either side shouldn’t forget that their value is in the existence of the other party.   There’s no opposition party without a ruling party.  You call it a democracy, so you might as well leave me alone to choose what I eat. One man’s meat is another man’s poison is what we learnt in school. So why not follow it? Leave me alone to choose what the hell I pick on my lunch menu.

Power is best felt when it is controlled like the reins of a horse, the sluice gates of a dam. The moment power is abused, it breaks the circuit. If the larger section of our today’s (currently Hindus) do feel about a certain kind of meat should not be eaten, don’t eat it. Why do we need to stir this up into a fireball and create an agenda for the pseudo secular intellectuals who have no passion or love for this nation.

I think the debate should be more than the beef controversy, it should be about the development of each section of the society.  In that discussion let there be no Hindu, Muslim or Christian but only an Indian must exist.   This can only happen when we politicians rise above politics, when media rises above TRP…


OMG…  I have been closely watching the Award Wapasy abhiyan by a certain section of intellectuals in this country….  Whenever I see their media interaction, their behavior is simple ‘this country is in danger, the minorities are not feeling secured’.  Beyond this, no answer can be expected from all of them across the country.   The answer or their aggression towards this maligned program is purely motivated and planned only destabilize this country.  Their expressions are fake, would be an understatement… The objective is simple, de-track, destabilize and destruct the core objective of a constructive discussion and progression. A personal check on their profiles did give me an insight on to their political lineage. I realized that all have a political or ideological alignment to either the left parties or the congress and their contributions either to this country in any area may be either nil or negligible. Ever since the new government has come in to power, a ray of hope has dawned upon the people of this country, the world has started looking at us with great respect, the action is visible in almost every avenue, whether business, foreign policy, FDI or manufacturing …. But this is not digestible to these pseudo-secular intellectuals.  They believe either my way or the high way attitude.  For them their personal gain and ego comes first than the country.   This needs to end…  they must come forward and think progressively, have a healthy debate and contribute to this country’s growth rather than looking for a single opportunity to create a stumbling block to the developmental process.

Having said the above, it is important the ruling side to always remember the great guru chanaky’s words…” Enemies strike at weak points. It is natural for an enemy to attack on the weaker side of the adversary.”  

So it is important to gauge the weak points, act upon them before it’s too late, as your adversaries have nothing to loose including the pride of this nation. 

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